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the hobbit book review essay

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Cars/tundtran/ - solenoid control wiring problem on a tundra pickup: quick diagnosis, gnarly repair cars/hwiper/ - insides of a honda rear-window wiper motor, and discussion pix/mp/T_g - what can happen when you text on the move, or *anything* else that distracts attention away from the. Put that down and drive cars/wshf - quick fix for a windshield crack caused by a flying rock, using one of the kits with a vacuum/pressure syringe and sealant glue. Must be done promptly to avoid further crack expansion cars/ml - sold! 2000 Subaru legacy l wagon, 58K miles. Reference remains for historic value and mildly amusing pictures cars/carhacks-tr-beta. Txt - preliminary version of a "car hacking" article that Michelle delio was working on for the mit technology review, forwarded for editing/approval cars/carhacks-tr-final. Txt - final release version of mit technology review "car hacking" article, which despite what was thought to be a final editing pass came out rather mangled away from the supposed original. All the articles by delio have since been pulled over the hp / Carly fiorina imbroglio, and a stupid, busy-work "investigation" was launched cars/sub-hack-1.txt - design and motivation of a "throttle position sensor bias" control to smooth out off-the-peg engine response cars/sub-leak-2.txt - sad-but-funny saga.

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The battery cooling fan is also investigated, as is the backup brake power supply. . A minor cleanup and refurb happens at the 12-year mark cars/wbear/ - story and autopsy of a failed tablet front wheel bearing. It gave another thousand miles *after* becoming noisy and probably could have gone considerably farther before being replaced Other car stuff cars/ml - well-known but seldom followed guidelines for obtaining much higher fuel economy from most vehicles - no gimmicks, just technique cars/f and cars/freefuel. Txt - a dumbed-down version of the above covering just the very basics. Used as a handout at Altwheels 2006 and beyond, to encourage smarter driving cars/ml - visual guide to quantifying tailgating distances/times on the roads and evaluating the degree of hazard cars/aaaf_ml - an open letter to the aaa foundation for Traffic Safety, taking. Despite its chosen dc beltway location, the foundation remains rather ineffectual on the political and legislative fronts where clear thought and action are desperately needed cars/noid/ - simple health automotive testing widget to beep and light an led when given power, and optionally load down the. Like a noid light, but more versatile cars/ml - using a primitive network-splitter to isolate pieces of a canbus and help reverse-engineer a little scantool data protocol, using a scangauge as a half-ass packet sniffer cars/valvestem/ - article on defective tire valve stems, that began. Entirely due to outsourced crap materials cars/ml - hack-job proposed State of the Union Address segment, endorsing uniform enforcement of a three-seconds-minimum following distance to help save lives and sharply reduce automotive property damage cars/ml - vrooom! Random thoughts on the "sexiness" and animal appeal of traditional muscle-cars versus electric vehicles cars/yb/ - the "Yuppie button safety-enhanced rear lighting modifications to aid driver alertness, maintain proper vehicle spacing, and prevent collisions. Stand up to bullying!

Throw it in neutral to disable regen during a couple of stops; you'll clean 'em right off cars/squirt/ - a prototype injector monitor hacked together for the Prius, to see exactly when we're consuming that precious fossil fuel cars/nosquirt/ - the opposite of "squirt. Txt - a rant engendered by a rather horrendous "web experience" at toyota's service-manuals subscription site cars/ml - version.1 of the Prius ev-mode switch, hastily crocked in prior to its first real road trip warning: largish pictures, very early webpage effort cars/f - rework. A brief adventure in automotive paint work cars/dcty/bbt/ - follow-on to enhanced "safety bling" to gain greater day and working night time conspicuity, as well as a certain "industrial hazard" aesthetic cars/tires/ - having four new Michelin Green-X tires installed on the Prius, using a set. Still in progress cars/brkjob/ - discussion/pictorial of brake cleaning and service, with particular attention to the front caliper slide pins, and a section on how the rear drum self-adjusters work cars/bodyecu/ - details on removing and disassembling the Prius "body ecu" and main connector/relay block. It's actually a low-side pwm unit with a couple of other control leads cars/prius-12V/ - details on the Prius 12 volt battery - dimensions, type, the mounting area, voltage regulation, and quiescent drain cars/dcty/ - simple removal of the "courtesy light" bulbs to avert 12V. Cars/tb/service/ - and how to perform simple routine maintenance on it cars/prilock - cleaning and maintenance of the Prius physical driver's door lock, to make it work better by removing the factory grease cars/nest/ - already listed above, but contains details on blower-fan controller cars/ipump. Includes the full text of functionality descriptions cars/mfd/ - diagnosis of a subtle but common fault in certain Prius display screen units, detailing a fairly easy repair that can save thousands for out-of-warranty '04 and some '05 owners cars/g - what's inside the coastal Electronics.

the hobbit book review essay

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See all the *other* Prius pages for what happened afterward. Txt - a guide to high-mileage Prius driving technique, specifically aimed at participants in fuel-efficiency competitions cars/mpg1105/ - one way to document a rally course, geared toward mpg competitions. This one was actually held in may 2011, with Kimball Farm as the start and return point. This is oriented toward very clear direction so that friendship drivers can concentrate on driving, as opposed to the occasional deliberate obscurity of traditional time/speed/distance rallies cars/training/ - online Prius/hybrid technical training course material, including details on operation, safety, diagnosis, routine maintenance/repair, and a special section. An ongoing project pix/g - some silly photochopped ideas for painting the plastic Prius trim-rings cars/f and cars/f - a collection of power/efficiency curves. Kilowatt output can be mapped very nicely to rpm, so achieving high efficiency is as easy as watching a tachometer which, unfortunately, you have to install yourself and trying to stay at full torque output whenever the engine is running pix/g - an early result. With good weather and summer gas, i can reliably reproduce 70 mpg on back roads - not quite up to the level of the pittsburgh paragons who achieved 110 mpg, but still well above the epa numbers for this car cars/ml - technical "voice.

Also shows some details on safely removing the dashboard panels cars/tpms/ - a strange but functional tire-pressure warning system based on wheel speeds cars/ect/ - a circuit to read the raw output voltage from the engine coolant temperature thermistor, and convert it through a "linearizer". Some test results posted within cars/heatgames/ - second revision of the above warm-air intake, plus a detailed account of removing the cowl above the engine and installing a block-heater cars/maint50k/ - changing the Prius hsd transaxle fluid, using the seekrit undocumented top fill plug accessed. Other minor but useful preventive maintenance items discussed as well cars/maint100k/ - prius maintenance checks and changes at 100,000 miles, including the inverter pump, coolants, tranny-fluid again, and a lot of testing and discussion on the remarkable longevity of modern parts and fluids pix/g. The 450va best Ferrups has 66 Ah at 12V inside, way more than the Prius battery itself. The right answer, however, is to stop messing around with this feeble, inefficient 12V nonsense and build a 10kw or more inverter that feeds directly off the hv battery. See also m cars/plugout/ - a better solution for my own needs: a 3 kva "plug-out" system, higher capacity 240/120 split-phase which needed several mods before being truly suitable cars/naked/ - the "naked Prius" tech exhibit takes top honors at AltWheels 2005 cars/starthole/ - how. Pix, circuit, discussion, etc. In contrast to the never-past-vaporware coastal product to display brake pressure, this is real and functional now cars/prius-log/ml - an attempted Prius diary / blog, which at this point will probably never be finished as such but serves to describe the runup to purchase and.

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the hobbit book review essay

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There's a personal advocacy page where i keep a running chronicle - sort of a continuing who's-who of establishment foot-friendliness - about trying to bring executive leadership at various organizations into more awareness and acceptance of the barefoot lifestyle if it hasn't been achieved there. There's also a minimal "sister site" at outbarefoot. Org where more general info and a "best-of" link-farm is maintained to the most comprehensive sources around the net on this topic. It's also an excuse to play around with Amazon's "S3-as-a-website" facility, which how it's hosted. Car stuff - hacks/mods, rants, pix, stories, etc.

Two electric motors and a gasoline engine, forever enmeshed in a whirling struggle for power, each seeking to gain the most while using the fewest precious resources - their delicate dance constantly choreographed by a consortium of cold, calculating computers - which in turn are. Cars/ml - pointers to many resources about the Prius and other hybrids, many of them pointer-nests themselves. A thousand fascinating ratholes cars/f - a one-page flyer that simply points to here, for randomly handing out to people who seem interested cars/prius-mods. Txt - full list of modifications to this particular car, many of which are described in the pages below cars/sweet/ - discourse on observing a "sweet spot" engine efficiency range, yielding improved mpg at mid and higher asl speed ranges with proper application. Take note of the 5-year resume update while reading, as it contains updated information cars/HSI/ - toyota's implementation of the "sweet spot" display, along with several other important parameters, explained for best driving efficiency in the third-generation 2010 Prius. Somewhat theoretical so far, but will be refined as the community gains more experience with the car cars/ml - lengthy explanation of what the "B" shift-select position is for, and some related quirks of the Prius hybrid system cars/ml - description of a subtle but.

For a more visual follow-on, see. Lighting/dmxwave/ - related page with more dmx signal exploration, with many 'scope shots showing waveforms seen under assorted network problem scenarios. . Clearly illustrates what "slew rate limiting" means lighting/LP15xxfix/ - upgrading a leprecon 1500-series board to a grounded power supply, making it significantly more stable and interference-resistant lighting/etc-rfu/ - a quick look inside the typical rfu for etc express/Expression boards, and diagnosis of a rather common. Txt - experiences planning for and using an etc smartfade console on a typical? Convention show lighting/sd50/ - review of the Chauvet Stage designer 50, a small 48-channel conventional controller, with a helpful supplement to its operation manual Other theatre tech sound/clearcom. Txt - a rundown on Clearcom and similar type intercom electrical characteristics, with pointers to other related resources was lighting/clearcom.

Txt sound/ics/ - simple intercom-line splitter that creates a new audio channel on one output, using a common power supply for both channels sound/btr200/ - fixing various problems on Telex btr-200 wireless intercom gear, notably a non-reception problem fixed by a little creative metal bending. This one had a cracked woofer magnet sound/commfix - extensive refurb of an entire Clear-Com style intercom kit, including new cables and a brief exploration of xlr connector quality national Electrical Code nfpa 70 2001 rop draft available in pdf format under nfpa70 u-find-it Barefooting. As a result, there isn't a thing wrong with my feet or legs, and my soles are well-conditioned to handle harsh environments. This extends to technical production, a field whose typical workers remain shod against routinely overwrought fear of foot injury. In real-life practice it's far less concern, and shoes often detract from one's competency - certainly from my own. As recorded in many of the pages indexed here, i'll totally bust my nuts on any worthwhile gig where crews do not harbor misguided sixties-era baggage against working barefoot, and thus they refrain from giving me any crap about. Instead, they can observe and learn the benefits. It is a safety issue, but not in the way one would traditionally think - i am far more confident and situationally aware when not subjected to the clumsy constraints of footwear, especially at height or climbing, using all four of my hands.

An, essay by tolkien

These are often reassembled wrong by well-meaning people who go to summary clean the dust out of them lighting/g - bad shot of the difference between old and new source 4 lamphousing reflectors; old one on the left is cloudy and loses a lot of light. Eventually they jam up hard enough to be unusable, but a whisper of anti-seize applied well before they get to that point will permanently fix the problem. We can't imagine why etc never chose more appropriate materials for these fittings and/or applied lube at the factory even though it's been a common problem for years lighting/lsc3/ - lighting design diagrams for Lonestarcon 3, san Antonio tx, summer 2013 lighting/dmx918/ - short pictorial. Txt - kresge auditorium mit hardwired-dimmers circuit map lighting/pph-ball. Txt - the horrendous state of the Crestron house-lighting controller at the boston Park Plaza hotel. It desperately needs to be reconfigured lighting/g - rear gym at Cambridge community melisande center, off Howard St in Cambridgeport lighting/afd_02e.xcf - multi-layer gimp file showing the Arlington Friends of the Drama space, from "Unnecessary farce" in early 2018, but quite usable as a design aid. Flying Pig got some of the values and modes wrong, and left out "lampoff". Includes comments on the "real life" values that the fixture understands, although comments do *vanish* once you load it and re-save your show lighting/b.txt - hog fixture profile to produce 27 raw dmx-valued output channels lighting/b.txt - procedure to extract text-format fixture profiles from HogII. A brief study of RS485 signal degradation when launched from various sources into different types of cable, and some other observations including some advice straight from doug Fleenor himself!

the hobbit book review essay

A bit of time passes in between without specific reporting on Arisia, but essay with a camera ready at hand starting in about 2008 the "debriefs" became more serious and in-depth. . For the entire line of pictorial Arisia reports, see these per-year links: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 lighting/splash05.txt - summary of helping teach and implement a very short-timeframe show at Splash 2005, a weekend program run by mit's esp. Txt - showstopping lighting-desk problems stemming from one of those newfangled plastic-top folding tables. Lighting/ml - a search form to do unlimited message searches on the lightNetwork forum and others hosted at Delphi/Prospero. Uses cookies, grrrr *Note: Light Network moved off Prospero and is now at m/ lighting/f - fun with color, aka a little roadie humor lighting/masq-fx. Txt - lighting effect "art-fag" descriptions aimed toward costumers participating in SF/fantasy convention masquerades, or possibly any other sort of similarly theatrical production lighting/redneck/ - some quick-n-dirty event lighting solutions thrown together with various types of compact-fluorescent bulbs and cheezy fixtures. With a little more work, may have some interesting implications for the stage lighting/arisia11/pony/ - an example of hand-cutting a gobo out of aluminum pie-plate, showing that curves and fairly complex details can be done with an ordinary x-acto knife and come out looking quite. The glazing stuff is similar to shirt sizing lighting/g - source 4 lens tube configurations, from various revisions of etc's S4 user manual.

read somewhat infrequently; see below, lighting rants lighting/ml - many lighting-related meta-pointers, originally to support a couple of specific projects and seminars as well as being a rathole-farm. Somewhat out of date by now; various external links may be dead lighting/ml - linearizing cheapo torchiere dimmers lighting/arisia02.txt - review of early experience as ld at a local con lighting/saas02.txt - south Asian culture show, largish lighting gig at mit, spring 2002 lighting/isr02.txt. Txt - a small rant about neutrik's solderless connector fiasco lighting/side-cyc. Txt - more in the "lessons learned" department: description/analysis of lighting a large backdrop from the side, mit, spring 2003 lighting/as-workshop. Txt - review of the Actorsingers' lighting sound weekend workshop, early aug 2003 a04redux. Txt - tech debrief notes for Arisia 04, reflecting two more years on with getting more comfortable lding at conventions, and some of our real glory days at the park Plaza.

The answers matters to students of his work, because they provide a useful look at how Tolkien viewed his work, and why fantasy literature had value to anyone, not just those who Edmund Wilson would say love juvenile trash. It also provides a framework for talking about the online elves. What are the origins of fairy stories? Well, for that, youre going to have to read the essay. Im putting this out here today because when we start talking about critics who absolutely hated Tolkiens work, on fairy Stories can be used to demonstrate that many of their claims arent as airtight as they might think. Or, you could just do something fun with your Saturday. Hobbit's techie-rants, lighting rants, car rants, teardowns, lessons-learned, info, etc.

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Is Legolas a fairy? (I'm not touching that one, read Tolkien's essay!). Okay, whos up for some light weekend reading? By which I mean dozens of pages written by jrr tolkien about plan fairy stories. On fairy Stories (full text in pdf) is a lengthy essay in which The man Himself he defends fairy Stories as being worth reading. You can read this piece as a lengthy defense of fantasy literature itself. I did, so i suppose it must be true in some way. Stories essentially is Tolkien getting at the answers to at least two questions:. What is a fairy story?

The hobbit book review essay
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Im not a big fan of the pdf or Ebook version of anything Tolkien myself and I just adore tolkiens On fairy Stories and for those who are a bit like me and wish to hold a book in the hand when reading here. I think this is the opposite of what Polgar believes. From the book: According to my principle one should not try to find talents, but choose an appropriate pedagogical method for developing the talents).

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  1. Hobbit s techie rants, lighting, dimmers, hobbit, wholehog, hogging, hogpc, hog ii, etc express, leko, source 4, Arisia, gobo cutting, dmx, dmx signals, proper termination, rs485, ponies, clearcom, production intercom, intercom splitter, deep energy retrofit, Altwheels, Prius, hybrids, flip-coiling, toyota, prius, hybrid, prius mods, prius. How to write a good movie review, best writing tips and examples. Director Christina Choe makes a promising but unresolved debut with this modest thriller.

  2. Hobbits first appeared in the novel The hobbit, whose titular hobbit is the protagonist Bilbo baggins. The hobbit, lesson Plans include daily lessons, fun activities, essay topics, test/quiz questions, and more. Everything you need to teach. 444 Responses to, book review : Legal Systems Very different From Ours.

  3. The hobbit, or There and Back Again is a children s fantasy novel by English author. was published on 21 September 1937 to wide critical acclaim, being nominated for the, carnegie medal and awarded a prize from the, new York herald Tribune for best juvenile fiction. Hobbits are a fictional, diminutive, humanoid race who inhabit the lands of Middle-earth. They are also referred to as Halflings.

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