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keeping fit essay

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Somehow, i fell refresh after doing that kind of work out. Next, is it also improve our concentration. Sometimes, in the class or during meeting we cannot focus to what are be discussed. So by keeping ourselves fit it can improve our concentration. Last but not least, one can maintain a good disposition or temperament. If i am not mistaken there are some articles says that while we do the fitness we release endorphins, that known as happy hormones. Furthermore, it also develop a positive attitude.

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Even women also go to the gym and work out on themselves to get their ideal body mirror and adapt a healthy lifestyles. There are several benefits that we can response enjoy when we keep our body healthy. The first and foremost is one can maintain good physical health. It is because it can improve the cardiovascular system. Not just that, it also can strengthen the muscular system. Then, it can build up bodys resistance to diseases. Next, one can maintain good mental health. If we are keeping fit it can increase our mental alertness. Besides, it reduces our stress. Maybe you cannot realizes that the stress at the workplace or college can be reduces by do the workout. For me, i were a volleyball player and every evening I will go to training and did the fitness.

Havent found a paper? Let us create the best one for you! What is your topic? By clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Free essays on keeping Fit - m 2018. In: English and Literature, submitted by nurul94, words 287. Pages 2, benefits of keeping fit. Nowadays, people tend to work out themselves to get healthy.

keeping fit essay

Keeping fit and healthy essay

The benefits are monumental: you'll have more energy. Chances are you will dodge type2 diabetes. You will prevent age-related diseases like cancer and heart disease. You will maintain healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. How's that for an incentive to make an investment in you? How do i maintain a healthy lifestyle? We vegetarianism really dislike rules. Instead, pelleas here are suggestions that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You took it off now keep it off! I've reached my goal weight, What now? You logged long hours of sweat equity and cleaned up your diet. You reached your goal weight. Now, you don't know that. The formula for sustaining your goal weight is pretty straightforward: eat less, move more. Making a lifetime commitment to take care of your body is more than looking good in your jeans.

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keeping fit essay

How to, keep, fit, essay - 1405 Words

The running mans turning point in his life was when he entered the poor part of town. It changed him from a person who took everything for granted into a person who knew that humanity could be brutally unfair and unjust. He lived a sheltered life and was a typical white-collar worker who had everything he needed. Through this event, he realized that everything he had he took for granted, and that so many people were dying for no reason. The police were murdering their own people.

He made a choice to remember this event and apply it to his life, and he then had to deal with the consequences. It proved to be significant and showed that a person who thinks they are strong and wise, can be proven otherwise. The thing is, it's been proven time after time that people diet for the requisite 60-days (sorta like essaye a prison sentence) and then slip right back into negative habit patterns. Can you imagine the numbers on your scale creeping upwards? Does this sound familiar i frequently skip breakfast so i can eat more for dinner; i usually eat lunch at a fast food place; i order takeout for dinner 3-4 times per week. You don't want this to happen to you. You don't want to be a yo-yo dieter forever.

He decides to live with this event and remember it, even if it is harder then forgetting about. It could be said that maybe a mind would not let you forget such a traumatic event, and that may be true, and we see that this man remembers it, painfully. He will be forced to live with the consequences of his event for the rest of his life. In their room, every possession they have reminds him of what the other families dont have, and he feels disgusted. He is saturated in so much wealth he feels sick. When the bird is trapped in the wall, and trying to scratch its way out, it reminds him of the event, and he cant face.

He desperately searches for the bird, and tries to think of ways to get it out, but comes up with nothing. Then a sarcastic remark from his wife reminds him of how blind she. He has to live with this truth now for the rest of his life. This shows significance because it proves that an event that is threatening and hostile can provide a glance into a truth that is otherwise unknown. The jogger feels now as if he has been cheated. All his belongings are worthless to him now, when before he felt so proud about them. He now has to change the way he lives because of an event that he had no control over. It demonstrates that the power of an incident can change a way the person.

How to, keep, fit

His identity was stripped from him, and the only recognition he finds for himself was that he was a white-man. His fear was then deepened when the three black people he sees all flee from him. He was in an unknown environment, umum where lack of identity and lack of knowledge stripped away any remaining sense of dignity and courage he had left. Thankfully, a kind black lady comes to his rescue and offers him shelter. She then provides the escape that he used to get away. Finally, when he arrived at his protected home, he is faced with a decision. He can forget reviews the incident and pretend that it never happened, or he can realize that it is true and learn from. If he ignored, it would mean that his sheltered life would remain unchanged and that he would still be blind to the fact that there is extreme injustice going. If he realized what it meant, and chose to remember it, he would be infected with its disease for the rest of his life, although he would then understand what an unjust, inhumane race we are.

keeping fit essay

Those are the thoughts that are going through the running mans head while he starts his morning jog. He enters the jog casually, because its probably something hes been doing for quite sometime. He jogs by the poor part of town, separated by the four-lane road, knowing that hes never to go on the other side. Not because he knows teenage whats there, but because hes heard things, and knows that white people dont dare enter. When the mob of people suddenly burst from the town, he doesnt know what to expect. He uncontrollably gets caught up with them, and cant get free. He notices another black man that is being beaten by the others. Then, as briefly and as suddenly as it began, the mob leaves, and he finds himself on the other side of the highway, trapped in the slummy, condemned part of town, with a corrugated metal fence preventing him from reaching the town that was comforting.

on with his life by ignoring the fact that there were victims, and not only that, but he hadnt been exposed to those who actually suffered. He was blind to the fact that such a poor state of existence was possible. He constantly reminded himself to never go on the other side of the highway. When the mob of people uncontrollable swept him into it, it was a shock he wasnt prepared for. The only thoughts that raced through his head were to escape. When he was finally free of the place, he realized not only that there were people who were suffering, but that there was a total lack of justice in that part of town. The police were the ones that were hunting people down and beating them to death. He realized how unfair humanity can be, and how lucky he is to be living the life he living.

He had all he wanted and didnt realize the suffering that occurred on the other side of the town. The unforeseen visit to the impoverished part of town forces the running man to recognize the fact that unlike his sheltered life, the world is rarely just and fair. The life of the running man is one of pleasure and contentment. He is a stereotypical white-man, and fulfills all aspects of the character that was created for him. He is a wealthy broker that has a family, a home and a life free from injustice. In his world, he is free from the pain and suffering that many other people have to suffer. Since most short stories have little character development, it is up to the reader to create the character through essay hints and actions that the protagonist performs.

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Essay on keeping Fit, The Short Story Essay, research Paper. Truth or Consequences (on the short story keeping Fit). Life is a filsafat mixture of truths, choices, and consequences. Turning points in a life occur when truths are seen, consequences are realized, and choices are made. It may be a vague insinuation of a truth that has never been seen, or it may be a blunt reality that is forced onto a person. It may lead to a welcome change that is healthy and favorable, or it may lead to an uninvited transformation that is ultimately regretful. Seeing a truth completely causes the realization that society is not as balanced as it appears. In the short story keeping Fit, nadine gordimer shows how a life can be changed by a simple event that sheds light to a simple, if not cruel, truth. The life of the running man was nearly perfect.

Keeping fit essay
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Health and Fitness Essay 3 (200 words). Health is a very important aspect in the life of everyone. Being involved in daily physical exercises not only keep us fit but also improve our lifestyle and.

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  1. Keeping an Optimistic Attitude in Life Essay. He will not be able toFor a healthy and fit body you need to keep on doing exercise. Many factors will come across us and can divert usO level English Essay : keeping fit. In the short story keeping Fit, nadine gordimer shows how a life can be changed by a simple event that sheds light to a simple, if not cruel, truth.

  2. Following are certain points to guide you about keeping fit and healthy. In my opinion, people cant do without sport - keeping fit and doing sport introduction. Essay (Any type) Article (Any type) Content (Any type) Admission Essay annotated Bibliography Argumentative. 1409 Words 6 Pages.

  3. How do you keep fit? How to keep Fit? AdminAugust 18, 2010essay samples, essays on health.

  4. Since, i was a child, i have been always keeping this" in my mind. Ielts - keeping fit, health clubs/gyms, ordinary everyday activities, brisk walking, climbing steps. How would you answer this ielts essay question?

  5. Short Stories Essay, research Paper Nathaniel Hawthorne. Not even the religious figures of the community, fit neatly. If you can dream it, you can.

  6. Write an essay for you tutor discussing two of the ways in your notes. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. But in the other case to keep your body you need to do proper exercise. Usually sports people will have a fit body.

  7. (on the short story keeping Fit). Life is a mixture of truths, choices, and consequences. Keeping The faith Essay research Paper keeping. Your class has attended a panel discussion on ways young people can be encouraged to keep fit.

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