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fashion essay in english

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By the end of the era, some shoulder pads were the size of dinner plates. The shoulder pad fashion carried over from the late 1980s with some popularity in the early 1990s, but the wearer's tastes were changing due to the backlash against 1980s culture. Some designers continued to produce ranges featuring shoulder pads into the mid-1990s, as shoulder pads were prominent in women's formal suits, and matching top-bottom attire, highly exampled in The nanny. But as the decade wore on, the styles were outdated and were shunned by young and fashion-conscious wearers. Appearances were reduced to smaller, subtler versions augmenting the shoulder lines of jackets and coats. 2000s and 2010s edit The late 2000s and early 2010s saw the resurgence of shoulder pads. Many young women imitated pop artists, mainly lady gaga and Rihanna, who were known for their use of shoulder pads in their stylistic outfits. There was a large presence of shoulder pads on many runways, in fashion designer collections, and a revival of 1980s trends became mainstream among many people who were interested in them.

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Biba produced designs influenced by the styles of the 1930s and 1940s, and so a soft version of the shoulder pad was revived. Ossie clark was another London designer using shoulder pads at the time. These styles did not, however, reach mainstream acceptance, and so the popularity was relatively short lived. During thesis the early 1980s there was a resurgence of interest in the ladies' evening wear styles of the early 1940s: peplums, batwing sleeves and other design elements of the times were re-interpreted for a new market. 2 The shoulder pad helped define the silhouette and was reintroduced in cut foam versions, especially in well-cut suits reminiscent of the world War ii era. British Prime minister Margaret Thatcher was internationally noted for her adoption of these fashions. 3 4 Before too long, these masculinized shapes were adopted by women seeking success in the corporate world and became an icon of women's attempts to smash the glass ceiling, a mission that was also added by their notable appearance in the tv series Dynasty. 5 As the decade wore on, shoulder pads became the defining fashion statement of the era, known as power dressing and bestowing the perception of status and position onto those workers who wore them. They became both larger and more ubiquitous—every garment from the brassiere upwards would come with its own set of shoulder pads. To prevent excessive shoulder padding, velcro was sewn onto the pads so that the wearer could choose how many sets to wear.

Soon the style was universal, found in drinking all garments excepting lingerie but tapering off later in the decade after the war was over and women yearned for a softer, more feminine look. 1945 to 1970 edit, during the late 1940s to about 1951, some dresses featured a soft, smaller shoulder pad with so little padding as to be barely noticeable. Its function seems to have been to slightly shape the shoulder line. By the 1950s, shoulder pads appeared only in jackets and coats—not in dresses, knitwear or blouses as they had previously during the heyday of the early 1940s. By the early 1960s, these slowly became less noticeable and midway through the decade, shoulder pads had disappeared. Shoulder pads made their next appearance in women's clothing in the early 1970s, through the influence of British fashion designer. Barbara hulanicki and her label, biba.

fashion essay in english

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Elsa Schiaparelli included them in her designs of 1931, and the following year. Joan Crawford wore them in the film "Letty lynton". 1, in the beginning, they were shaped as red a semicircle or small triangle, and were stuffed with wool, cotton or sawdust. They were positioned at the top of the sleeve, to extend the shoulder line. A good example of this is their use in "leg o' mutton" sleeves, or the smaller puffed sleeves which were revived at this time, and were based on styles from the 1890s. After, world War ii began in 1939, women's fashions became increasingly militarised. Jackets, coats, and even dresses in particular were influenced by masculine styles and shoulder pads became bulkier and were positioned at the top of the shoulder to create student a solid look.

learn how and when to remove these template messages this article is missing information about men's fashion. Please expand the article to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page. (February 2017 shoulder pads are a type of fabric-covered padding used in men's and women's clothing to give the wearer the illusion of having broader and less sloping shoulders. In men's styles, shoulder pads are often used in suits, jackets and overcoats, usually sewn at the top of the shoulder and fastened between the lining and the outer fabric layer. In women's clothing, their inclusion depends by the fashion taste of the day. Although from a non-fashion point of view they are generally for people with narrow or sloping shoulders, there are also quite a few cases in which shoulder pads will be necessary for a suit or blazer in order to compensate for certain fabrics' natural properties. They were popular additions to clothing (particularly business clothing) during the 1940s, 1980s, and late 2000s/2010s. Contents 1930 to 1945 edit, shoulder pads originally became popular for women in the 1930s when fashion designer.

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fashion essay in english

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Wearing fashion does not have to mean that we allow it to wear us down. Illustrations by, essay angie wang, all rights reserved. Excerpted from the fall 2011 issue. To have this issue delivered straight to your door, join the,. Comments on this piece?

We want to hear them! To have your letter considered for publication, please include your city and state. This article is about shoulder pads in fashion. For shoulder pads used in contact sports, such as football, see. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

While prevailing fashion histories credit white new Yorker Elizabeth Smith (second cousin to Elizabeth Cady Stanton) with inventing the billowy pants and Amelia bloomer with popularizing them, wagner finds that Smith was influenced by native haudenosaunee women. If fashion has been used to introduce new ways of expressing womanhood, it has also been a tether that keeps womens social, economic and political opportunities permanently attached to their appearances. At a time when makeover reality tv shows suggest that self-reinvention is not only desirable but almost required, and the ubiquity of social media encourages everyone to develop a personal brand, the pressure on women to be fashionable has never been more pervasive. . Even as the Internet has intensified the desire to be fashion-forward, it has also given outsiders unprecedented influence on the industry. In 2008, a fashion blog by an 11-year-old Midwestern girl named tavi gevinson went viral. Within two years, her reviews of new clothing lines were being closely followed by fashion movers and shakers, and famously aloof designers and editors invited gevinson to their offices, runway shows and parties.

Now a ripe old 15, she has used fashion as a springboard to her latest venture: editing an online teen magazine with a feminist point of view. Today, fashion blogs that celebrate an array of non-normatively raced, gendered, sexed and sized bodies have emerged to challenge the dominant messages of gender, beauty and style. And bloggers are using their clout to speak out against offensive fashion and beauty products. A blog-initiated campaign in 2010 convinced the cosmetics company mac and the rodarte design team to abandon their collection of nail polish and lipstick with names such as Ghost Town, factory and juarez (referencing the mexican border town notorious for the serial murders of women. Similar online campaigns have also been waged against designers and magazines that employ blackfacing and yellowfacing, as well as against retailers like abercrombie fitch and American Apparel that perpetuate racist, sexist and sizeist beauty ideals. In the age of interactive social media, consumers have at least one ear of the fashion establishment; we should continue to speak. .

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Shifting: The double lives of Black women in America explains that she never goes into an interview or a new job experience without first straightening her hair. I dont want to be prejudged. Away from the workplace, in everyday life, fashion policing of women is also racially stratified. Women of color who wear ethnic dress are often read as traditional, unmodern and, in some instances, conservative. When similar garments are worn by white women, they signify global cosmopolitanism, a multicultural coolness. Fashions cultural appropriation is nothing new. Sally roesch Wagner uncovered an earlier moment of appropriation in her book. Sisters in Spirit, recounting the little-known history of the bloomer: rainbow the long baggy pants that narrowed at the ankles, usually associated with dress reformers in the mid-19th century. .

fashion essay in english

men are judged by their deeds; women, by their looks. Politics, hillary Clinton has experienced the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-dont double bind for strong women. If she wears a power pantsuit, its a desexualized uniform, but if she shows a hint of cleavage—as she famously did in 2007—it can ignite a media firestorm that eclipses her political platform. While all womens fashion choices are more carefully policed than mens, women of color endure heightened scrutiny. Racist stereotypes that cast some women of color as out of control (the angry black woman, the hypersexual Latina) and others as easily controllable (the traditional Asian woman, the sexually available Indian squaw) serve women poorly in the workplace. Professional women of color thus consciously and unconsciously fashion themselves in ways that diminish their racial difference. One Asian woman interviewed by sociologist Rose weitz for the academic journal Gender society admitted that she permed her hair for work because she felt that she looked too asian with her naturally straight hair. A black woman interviewed by Charisse jones and Kumea shorter-gooden for their book.

When the rhetoric of restaurant equality fell on deaf ears, suffragists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries made quite literal fashion statements. Green, white and violet jewelry was a favored suffragist accessory, but not because of any aesthetic imperative: The first letters of each color— g, w, v—was shorthand for give women votes. A century later, in the 1980s, women appropriated mens styles of dress in an attempt to access the social and economic capital that lay on the other side of the glass ceiling. So-called career women practiced power dressing, wearing tailored skirt suits with huge shoulder pads, approximating the style and silhouette of the professional male executive. Yet such adaptations of mens fashion and styles are rarely without small feminine touches. Sociologist Jan Felshin coined the term feminine apologetic to describe how the pearls or ruffles on a womans professional attire serve as disclaimers: I may be powerful but Im not masculine. Or (gasp!) a lesbian.

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My passion for fashion can sometimes seem a shameful secret life, wrote Princeton University English professor Elaine Showalter in 1997. And indeed, after these words appeared in Vogue, more shame was heaped on her. Surely she must have better things to do, said one colleague. Fashion, like so many other things associated primarily with women, may be dismissed as trivial, but it shapes how essay were read by others, especially on the levels of gender, class and race. In turn, how were read determines how we are treated, especially in the workforce—whether we are hired, promoted and respected, and how well we are paid. That most ordinary and intimate of acts, getting dressed, has very real political and economic consequences. If feminists ignore fashion, we are ceding our power to influence. Fortunately, history has shown that feminists can, instead, harness fashion and use it for our own political purposes.

Fashion essay in english
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January 2004 have you ever seen an old photo of yourself and been embarrassed at the way you looked? Did we actually dress like that?

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  6. The conclusion being, say, that Ahab in Moby dick was a christ-like figure. English Writing Exercises for International Students: An English Grammar Workbook for esl essay writing (Academic Writing skills 4) - kindle edition by Stephen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. My passion for fashion can sometimes seem a shameful secret life, wrote Princeton University English professor Elaine Showalter in 1997.

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