English literature writers and their works

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english literature writers and their works

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But my favorite writer is William Shakespearc. Firstly, every his literary work is a encyclopedia of life. All his books can help us in life : to give a good advice or a answer on the question interested by you. Secondly, william Shakespeare lived in the last half of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century but his books are actual even today, because in own books Shakespeare wrote about eternal things such as love, treachery, hatred, difficulty of choice. Thirdly,literary works of William Shakespeare have interesting plot and unexpected endings. A lot of them we can see in theathers.

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Stark talk marian keyes broadcast 2006 26 minutes the 'chick-lit' writer talks frankly about her life and career. Front Row Monica Ali broadcast 2006 8 minutes the author of 'Brick lane' on sudden success and the myth of the difficult second novel. Night waves zoe heller broadcast 2008 10 minutes the author of 'notes on a scandal' discusses what fiction is all about. Night waves Zadie smith broadcast 2009 22 minutes philip Dodd speaks to zadie smith, author of 'White teeth'. Mark lawson Talks to as byatt broadcast 2009 59 minutes the author discusses why thinking matters just as much as feeling. One of the biggest richness of English people is literature. Talented writers from uk and the usa essay and their works are thesis well known and loved in all over the world. There are a lot of english people without which we can not imagine world literature, among them :Rudyard Kipling, agatha Christie, mark Twain,. Henry, edgar Allan poe and many others. All them were great experts of word.

Motives Beryl bainbridge broadcast 1983 39 minutes can Dr Anthony Clare cure beryl bainbridge's case of writer's block? Third Ear Angela carter broadcast 1991 25 minutes refusing to write about the bourgeoisie and their cleaning ladies. Newsnight Margaret Atwood broadcast 2000 10 minutes the booker Prize-winning novelist discusses her work. Book club Penelope lively broadcast 2001 28 minutes the author of 'moon Tiger' discusses her work. Book club Salman Rushdie broadcast 2003 28 minutes james naughtie speaks to salman Rushdie about 'midnight's Children'. Cover Stories Yann Martel broadcast 2003 15 minutes yann Martel speaks about his award-winning book 'life of pi'. Open english book pat Barker broadcast 2003 27 minutes the author of 'The regeneration Trilogy' talks about her books. Book club Hanif Kureishi broadcast 2005 27 minutes the novelist discusses 'The buddha of Suburbia'.

english literature writers and their works

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Intimations Robert Graves broadcast 1965 30 minutes dessay the author of 'i, claudius' converses with Malcolm Muggeridge. Release jrr tolkien broadcast 1968 27 minutes the views of the author and Oxford's students on Tolkien's Middle-earth epics. Scope muriel Spark broadcast 1971 30 minutes muriel Spark talks to w gordon Smith at her elegant home in Rome. Bookcase jean Rhys broadcast 1973 7 minutes truth and sadness in fiction. Tonight Rebecca west broadcast 1976 19 minutes the novelist, journalist, literary critic and feminist talks about her life and loves. Lively Arts John Fowles broadcast 1977 55 minutes melvyn Bragg talks to john Fowles at his home in Lyme regis. Doris task Lessing broadcast 1980 30 minutes doris Lessing describes a life spent in unwilling judgement of civilisation's flaws.

Monitor, aldous Huxley, broadcast 1958 12 minutes. John Lehmann explores the 'brave new world' of Aldous Huxley. Monitor, pg wodehouse, broadcast 1958 7 minutes, the creator of jeeves and wooster talks about his writing life. Broadcast 1958 7 minutes, em forster, in Cambridge, reflects on his life and work. Monitor, william Golding, broadcast 1959 17 minutes, the author of 'lord of the Flies' discusses his work and influences. John Wyndham, broadcast 1960 7 minutes, john Wyndham discusses the nature of evil in his novels. Modern novelists, iris Murdoch. Broadcast 1965 25 minutes, debating the artistic conflict between freedom and form. Intimations, lawrence durrell, broadcast 1965 30 minutes strong opinions from the author of 'The Alexandria quartet'.

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english literature writers and their works

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Nowadays, uzbek people can read the works of people from all the 7 continents of the world. Uzbek reader loves equally the works of Alisher navoi and Alexander Pushkin, lutfiy and William Shakespeare, zokirjon Furkat and Iogann Gete, abdulla kodiriy, and Onore de balzak, essay oybek and Vilis Latsis, gafur Gulom and nozim hikmat. References: Larsen-Freeman, diane and Anderson, martin Techniques and Principles in Language teaching. Oxford University Press, 2011. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving.

Modern Writers Interviews with remarkable authors. Modern Writers Collection, words fail me, virginia woolf. Broadcast 1937 8 minutes, virginia woolf describes the mysterious demands and duplicity of words. Panorama, w Somerset maugham, broadcast 1954 11 minutes, malcolm Muggeridge quizzes Somerset maugham on his top ten novels. Kingsley amis, broadcast 1958 5 minutes, the writer ponders the success of 'lucky jim' and his latest novels.

It is done in order to interest the readers, to bring them to the closer understanding of great poet's soul. William Johns also translated into English the Arabian collection of poems by firdavsi and saadiy called «Myajuiakot». Also he had translated «Tarihi nidirshohiy «Shakuntala «Hitonadesha». He is the author of such works as «the Essay about the eastern poetry «Persian grammar» and others. William Johns respected deeply the eastern literature.

That's what he wrote with sorrow: «Each educated European knows well Antic, roman, and Greek literature but the rich Persian literature is almost unknown to the european reader. William Johns denied the opinion of some people, who thought, that it was impossible to enjoy the eastern literature; he said that the eastern writers had their own style, spirit, that their books were good enough to read, translate and enjoy. According to his statements, «It is impossible to translate firdause's heroic poems just like in the european style of «Illida». As a president of «the Asian society william Johns translated many works, he supported their education, worked on the edition of many journals and almanacs and etc. After that, there in England appeared many specialists like him, who studied the eastern culture and the works. They also worked on translating and editing the works. Each eastern writer had his own influence in England, there were such English scientists and interpreters who devoted their whole lives to the studies of Firdavsi, or Rumiy, saadiy or Bobur. Uzbek literature — does not consist of only uzbek original works. The world's greatest national literatures were translated into uzbek language.

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He is one of those, who participated actively in introducing the eastern literature to nurse England. He has translated the works of the Indian classic Kalidasa, the Indian eposes «Ramayana» and «Mahabharata». John offers to translate nizomiys «Leyli and Mejnun advising not to spoil any idea, pelleas not to leave any idea, not to leave or add anything. While translating a poem, he used to do it in two options. First translation was a literal translation and poetic translation. Would sivd the port more delight. That all bokhara's vaunted gold, than all the gems of Samarkand». In literal translation John gives an exact translation of every word, gives the eastern color, all the qualities of the language are perfectly kept in the interpretation. And in the poetic translation William Johns takes into account the demands of the English language and the English poetry; As a result of this, we see that the ideas of Hofiz, his feelings are mixed with the English spirit.

english literature writers and their works

In xvith century, there was edited a book called «the skiffs king — tamer lane». He had the personality of a noble knight in those books. In his book mario described Timur as «blond haired, tall, broad shouldered, strong man». He wrote that «Timur was born to be a ruler». He created Timur's character as people's hero. I think that this drama could influence Shakespeare as well. Edmund Castell (16061685) worked a lot on Eastern literature, he observed and wrote analyses on Ibn Sino's works, he wrote about the great writer's life and activities. The first president of the «Asian society» William Johns vietnam (17461794) knew well the eastern literature as well as he was a talented interpreter.

to get valuable books from there. As one American scientist. Niering said: «The difference between the Asian and European cultures is that, the Asian culture is much older and is still influencing Europe». In 1587, Shakespear's master Christopher Mario wrote a drama «The Great Tamer lane». It is considered as one of the first and great works of the English Renaissance. Mario used books of the european historians while writing his great drama. There were told legends about Timur in West in xv-xvi centuries.

Interest towards Eastern literature was born in the middle of the ixth century. That's why european scientists came to bagdad, kufa, kurdoba, damask, and Kofira to learn Arabic and they studied science in medrese. They were student the first interpreters who translated books from Arabik. Books of such great scientists as Muhammad Horazmiy, abu nasr Farabiy, abu rayhon Beruniy, ibn Sino, ahmad Fargoniy, abu mashar Balhiy, al Kindiy, abu bakr ar roziy, ibn Rushd, Ulugbek, and others were studied in Spain, France, italy, england. The books of Kalidasa and Firdavsi, sadiy and Al-maariy, hofiz and hayom, rumiy and Jamiy, bobur and Mirhond became famous throughout the world. And as a result the eastern literature influenced the works of English writers and poets. English scientist Sam Rassel said: «Middle Asia has interested Englishmen for many centuries. Samarkand's Golden road was a favorite topic for English writer's poems and works. And it is still a favorite topic and theme».

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It is impossible to study the literature of one culture separate from the literature of the other cultures. Because the world literature is like a one whole body, which is developed under the influence of different large and friendship small national literatures. In spite of the fact, that people live in different parts of the world, they always look forward to share their created spiritual wealth, they enjoy each others art and literary discoveries. Literary and spiritual connections, influencing the world nations, including East and West, is an endless process. And the role of translation is great here. It establishes straight spiritual connection between the nations. It introduces «the soul» of one nationality to the other.

English literature writers and their works
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  1. The author of 'lord of the Flies' discusses his work and influences. His works are known for their mystery and grim themes, many of which include the death of one of the characters. Literature and to the English language).

  2. Their created spiritual wealth, they enjoy each others art and. And as a result the eastern literature influenced the works of English writers and. Great writers have always fascinated their readers.

  3. His works lacked originality, and were more instructive. Writers expressed their discontent with traditional English politics, education, and literature. Talented writers from uk and the usa and their works are. One of the biggest richness greatest riches of English speaking people is English literature.

  4. In the, works of John FowlesThe. Writers producing works for children (such as Dickens' "A Child's History. Work shook many of the ideas the victorians had about themselves and their.

  5. Here is a list of the most influential Chinese writers and their major works that time. Literature, classical Greek literature, and, english literature. For an in-depth critical review, see john Fowles by william Stephenson (Northcote house, 2003: Writers and their, work.

  6. Heres our guide to a mere handful of Britains most famous writers and their most celebrated works. Of, english, literature and the greatest poet of the. Writers write an your work and,. Service Info is henry james essays on literature american writers english writers dissertation service is truly the.

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