Problem solution essay smoking

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problem solution essay smoking

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Topics, take an alternative source of entertainment while giving up smoking. Help of yoga to give up smoking. The inspiration you can get while you are trying to give up smoking. Keep your mind cool and your giving up smoking will be hundred times easier. Start with low tar cigarette and then go on giving up of it totally. Be in touch with your friends when trying to give up smoking. How can you get help from the internet when you are trying to give up smoking?

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Create a promotion clipboard you just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Giving up smoking is really an appreciable thing. Well, it needs not to tell how bad smoking is for health. It makes a human being vulnerable to much fatal disease like cancer. But giving up smoking is not so easy. There are many problems which are faced missing by the smokers when they try to give up smoking. We have here a list of solution essay topics for your convenience.

That is why i think getting rid of the media is the best solution to the problem. Something can be done. Action can be taken online to start to solve this problem. First, everybody needs to go out and talk to the companies and convince them to take down any pictures with cigarettes and signs of the companys names that promote smoking. You can also talk to those people who help make the laws for our state and country. Secondly, we need to talk to the companies to end clothing lines that have pictures or words on them that promote smoking and ban television and movies that have any type of smoking or cigarettes in them. Those are the ways that I think we could solve this problem so we can put an end to teen smoking. Recommended LinkedIn Corporation 2018 Public clipboards featuring this slide no public clipboards found for this slide select another clipboard looks like youve clipped this slide to already.

problem solution essay smoking

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If I was having to begin today with stopping smoking by teenagers I would begin by stopping the media that supports smoking. One reason why i think this is the best idea is because teens task or kids are always seeing these. If teens or kids are not seeing the advertisements they want think it is so cool. If famous or rich people are seen smoking in advertisements, teens are likely to think that smoking is part of that lifestyle. Because teens look up to these people, they think if they smoke they will be cool like the actors/ actresses who. You always see the big billboards with the flashy pictures of the people with cigarettes in their hands or hanging out of their mouths. Also you always see the big company names displayed all over the gas stations and in many other places such as Camel, marlboro, pall Mall, coral, and Winston who are always saying smoking will make you feel good about yourself and it will make you. Actually, it does the opposite. The media does not show pictures of the health issues that smoking causes.

If you do not have the ads in print, the glamour of smoking would be lessened. Next, we could get rid of clothing that promotes cigarettes or smoking. It would be a good idea because teens are always having to deal with peer pressure. So, if it is not on the market or in stores, teens will not think of it as being cool. Lastly, we could stop advertising smoking on television and in movies. One reason why, you should stop having actors/actresses advertise smoking because teens look up to them and want to be like them. Also, kids and teens are always watching television and movies. That would be my second step in stopping teen smoking.

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problem solution essay smoking

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In the classes road they could talk about is how bad smoking is to your health. They could also show the parents some visuals showing how smoking ages your skin and yellows your teeth. In the classes they could also show or tell the parents what will happen to their kids if they do not stop smoking. This would hopefully convince them to stop buying cigarettes for their kids. It would also be important to teach both the students and parents about the health risks/ problems and diseases smoking can cause such as cancer, emphysema, and heart disease.

Finally you could have motivational speakers come in and talk to the parents and teens. They could talk to the families about alternatives to smoking and share their experiences. That would be my first step to end teen smoking. My second solution on how to stop smoking is by stopping the media that supports smoking. First, we could stop magazine ads. I think stopping magazine ads would be a good idea because teens are always reading magazines and seeing the pictures in them.

m, ml (accessed July 07, 2018). Successfully reported this slideshow. Problem Solution teen Smoking Essay, upcoming SlideShare, loading. Show More, no downloads, no notes for slide. Teen Smoking By: Kate Phillips Lately a problem has occurred with teen smoking. The number of teens who smoke has dramatically risen over the past years.

This is a problem because smoking causes big health risks that lead to problems and diseases that can kill you. Teens are mainly smoking when there is no supervision. It usually occurs in the parks, under bridges, and in town away from their parents. They are usually doing it because of peer pressure and they think it is cool. Those are the reasons why smoking is bad, and why, when and where their doing. One of my solutions to stop smoking is by educating the teens and their parents. Schools could have after school classes that tell the hazards of smoking.

Problem, solution, essay, smoking

More smoking solutions would also include massive stop smoking campaigns via tv, radio, internet, billboards, sms and over medium can also be effective in true communicating the stop smoking message. Other methods especially to do with teens would be for parents and guardians, schools, and other authorities to spend more time with the young people to understand their behavioral patterns. This would help to quickly identify changes induced by tobacco smoking. I truly feel that these solutions could change the amount of resume smokers in America. Last but least, smoking needs to stop. We as Americans need to reverse this growing epidemic into. Apa, mla, chicago, teenage smoking. Retrieved 16:46, july 07, 2018, from. M, (December 31, 1969).

problem solution essay smoking

When you quit you will realize that your general health improves. How can we help people stop smoking? Many solutions could be put into effect. The price for cigarettes should be more expensive and nicotine patches, medicines, chewing gum, and electronic cigarettes should be less expensive. Many countries are controlling smoking by resume banning smoking in bars, restaurants, hotels, and many other places. America should take banning smoking more serious. Anti-smoking laws can also be used to regulate cigarette advertising by tobacco companies. In south Africa for instance, cigarette advertising is banned Most people who smoke hardly have any idea of the end result of their smoking habit. Information of the smoking must be made widely available especially to teen smokers.

compounds and 400 toxic substances. Smoking is also bad for America because of second-hand smoke. We roam around in a universe polluted by smoke. This is why smoking cigarettes is a problem. Smokers need to realize that they are not only damaging themselves, but the others around them as show more content, the benefits of quitting smoking are great.

However, medication can have a lot of side effects, which can also cause other health issues, smokers who uses these medications can feel nauseous, vomiting and will also effect the brain, depending which medication. Chantix and Zyban is a medication, which affects the brains by interfering with nicotine receptors in the brain. Overall its depending on the smoker whether they want to have a healthier lifestyle but stop smoking on their own rather than having to take medications for it, but if they do they have to face the risk and side affects. Thirdly, to stop smoking is very. 623 Words Oct 27th, 2013 3 Pages. This Has to stop! Each year in America, at least 400,000 Americans lose their lives to cigarettes. This is at least one out of every five americans. This epidemic is growing on a daily basis.

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Problem Essay, firstly, the amount of people smoking are increasing and government support is one vietnamese of the biggest factor will be able to help not just one, but also many smokers. They have many ways to do this: such as increasing the price of cigarettes, advertisement champagne and signs informing the cause and effect of smoking. The advantages of this is government is to control the society and be able to reduce the amount of smokers, and they are highly capable of doing it, if they are willingly to use the money that we citizens pay for and try to help. On the other hand no matter how the government try to stop people to smoke, its the peoples choice to smoke or not. The government will be able to just only send the message across but its still going to depend on the individual. Government would be able to if they put more time and effort trying to help people stop smoking. Secondly, when smokers realize that their health is becoming a huge issue, they will be able to seek advice from the doctor and they will recommend different options like nicotine gum/ patch, or even medications like chantix and Zyban for smokers who tried every possible. The good side of this, is that it will help smokers to either quit gradually or immediately depending on ones temptation and ones self control. The medication will help them quit and it is very affective.

Problem solution essay smoking
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Are you finding it difficult to come up with an essay topic on smoking? Here is a list for. Coming up with good problem solution essay topics about smoking.

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  1. View Notes - problem-Solution Essay from wrt 160 at oakland University. Running he ad: Smoking on Campus Smoking on Campus: Effects on Student. Supposed to prepare an academic paper about how to stop smoking? A list Of good Problem Solution Essay topics About giving Up Smoking.

  2. Each year in America, at least 40000 0 Americans lose their lives to cigarettes. This is at least one out of every. Below is an essay on Problem Solution On Smoking from. Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

  3. Teen Smoking By: Kate Phillips Lately a problem has occurred with teen smoking. The number of teens who smoke has. Free essay: This Has to stop!

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