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sunset boulevard movie summary

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Moved into norma's mansion at her insistence, joe resents but gradually accepts his dependent situation. He sees that Norma refuses to face the fact that her fame has evaporated and learns that the fan letters she still receives are secretly written by max, who explains that Norma is emotionally fragile and has attempted suicide. Norma lavishes attention on joe and buys him expensive clothes. At her New year's eve party, he discovers that he is the only guest and realizes she has fallen in love with him. Joe tries to let her down gently, but Norma slaps him and retreats to her room. Joe visits his friend Artie green to ask about staying at his place. At Artie's party he again meets Betty, whom he learns is Artie's girl.

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Contents At a mansion on Sunset boulevard, the body of joe gillis floats in the swimming pool. In a flashback, joe relates the events leading to his death. Six months earlier, down-on-his-luck screenwriter joe tries selling Paramount Pictures producer Sheldrake on a story he submitted. Script reader Betty Schaefer harshly critiques it, unaware that joe is listening. Later, while fleeing from repossession men seeking his car, joe turns into the driveway of a seemingly deserted mansion. After concealing the car, he hears a woman inside call to him, mistaking him for someone else. Ushered in by max, the butler, joe recognizes the woman as long-forgotten silent film star Norma desmond. Learning joe is a writer, norma asks norsk his opinion of a script she has written for a film about Salome. She plans to play the role herself in a comeback. Joe finds her script abysmal but flatters her into hiring him as a script doctor.

Erich von Stroheim plays Max von mayerling, her devoted servant, and. Nancy Olson, fred Clark, lloyd gough, and, jack webb play supporting roles. Demille and gossip columnist. Hedda hopper play themselves, and the film includes cameo appearances by leading silent-film actors, buster keaton,. Warner, and, anna. Praised by many critics when first released, sunset boulevard was nominated for 11 Academy Awards (including nominations in all four acting categories ) and won three. Deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the. Library of Congress in 1989, sunset boulevard was included in the first group of films selected for preservation in the national Film Registry. In 1998, it was ranked number 12 on the American friendship Film Institute 's list of the 100 best American films of the 20th century, and in 2007, it was 16th on their 10th Anniversary list.

sunset boulevard movie summary

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Read more about bbc cultures 100 greatest comedies of all time:, do men and women find different films to be funny?, what the critics had to say about the top 25, the full list of critics who participated and how they voted, does comedy differ. Facebook page or message us on, twitter. And if you liked this story, sign up for the weekly m features newsletter, called If you only read 6 Things This week. A handpicked selection of stories from bbc future, earth, culture, capital and Travel, delivered to your inbox every Friday. Sunset boulevard (stylized onscreen as, sunset blvd. ) is a 1950 American film noir 1 directed and co-written by, billy wilder, and produced and co-written. It was named after the thoroughfare that runs through, los Angeles and, beverly hills, california. The film stars, william Holden as joe gillis, an unsuccessful screenwriter, and. Gloria swanson as Norma desmond, a faded silent-film star who draws him into her fantasy world, where she story dreams of making a triumphant return to the screen.

Names, genders, social standings. They can all change in Some like it Hot. Its the American way. In Curtiss memoir about the making of the film, he confirms that Wilder and diamond embedded this theme in its title. People, he argues, can be as fluid as the pop songs of the 1920s, which were performed in different styles - either sweet or hot - according to the audiences preference. The concept was important to our movie, writes Curtis. A person can be more than one thing, depending on the time, the place, whatever.

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sunset boulevard movie summary

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It can help you survive. And, if youre lucky, youll find someone who accepts you for whomever you want to be - perfect or otherwise. Its a boldly inclusive message, but its one that must gsm have been close to the film-makers hearts. After all, several of them had reinvented themselves, just as the characters do: emigrating from Germany (in Wilders case) and Romania (in diamonds distancing themselves from their hardscrabble pasts in Californian foster homes (in Monroes case) and on the streets of the Bronx (in Curtiss). For a frantic farce about two cross-dressers on the run from prohibition-era mobsters, some like it Hot is a strikingly personal, even semi-autobiographical film.

View image of Nobodys perfect, not even Twelfth Night or The Importance of being Earnest had such elaborate fun with its characters identities. Look again at the beach scene with joe and Sugar. It was written by two men who were once called Samuel Wilder and Itec Domnici, and acted by a man and a woman who were once called Bernie schwartz and Norma jeane mortenson. Schwartz, who renamed himself Tony curtis, is playing joe, who is pretending to be junior, using the mid-Atlantic vowels of Cary Grant, who was once called Archibald leach. Mortenson, who renamed herself Marilyn Monroe, is playing Sugar Kowalczyk, who renamed herself Sugar Kane, and who is using lines which joe used when he was pretending to be josephine. Not even Twelfth Night or The Importance of being Earnest had such elaborate fun with its characters identities.

View image of Osgood and Daphne. The message is that there is nothing wrong with faking it until you make. Experimenting with a new identity can help you become a better, happier person. Just imagine how the films scenario would be treated in a hollywood comedy today. Joe and Jerry would be punished for their deceit. Sugar would have to catch joe out, and he would have to apologise, and the viewer would have to sit through a montage of their shared misery before she forgave him.

He and Jerry would then use their talent for duplicity to extract a confession from Spats Colombo. And, of course, jerry and Osgoods heterosexuality would be vigorously reaffirmed. Think of Judd Apatows comedies, for example. They all conclude that its amusing for laws, conventions to be flouted for a while, just as long as theyre put firmly back in place before the end credits roll. View image of Wilder and Monroe. Some like it Hot is too buoyant to be brought down to earth by such prissiness. When Sugar learns that joe has been tricking her, she runs straight into his arms. When Osgood learns that Jerry has been tricking him, he doesnt bat an eyelid.

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View image of beach, meanwhile, jerry/Daphne has been inveigled into going out with an elderly - and write presumably short-sighted - tycoon, Osgood (joe e brown and their enchanted evening ends with another twist: in the morning, an elated Jerry tells joe that he and Osgood. Joe protests that there are laws, conventions that have to be observed. But when Jerry finally admits to his fiancé that he is a man, Osgood responds with the films exemplary pdf last line, well, nobodys perfect. In summary, some like it Hot is the story of people who lie and cheat in order to con other people into bed or out of their cash. Wilder has a reputation for dark, cynical films (see also sunset boulevard and double Indemnity and Some like it Hot could be categorised as one of them. But it has so much warmth that it carries the viewer upwards like a hot-air balloon. Rather than condemning its unscrupulous anti-heroes, it respects them and sympathises with them in a way which must have seemed radical in 1959, and which seems more radical nearly six decades later.

sunset boulevard movie summary

Stealing some clothes from the bands manager, and stealing his accent from Cary Grant, he styles himself as Junior, heir to the Shell Oil fortune. One of the films many twists is that when Sugar meets Junior on the beach, he doesnt throw himself at her. He plays hard to get. Sugar tells him that her band specialises in hot jazz, but he sniffs, well, i guess some like it resume hot. But personally, i prefer classical music. Sugar doesnt miss a beat. She claims to have spent three years at the Sheboygan Conservatory of Music - a claim she overheard joe/Josephine making the previous night. Good school, murmurs joe/Junior. Sugar, he realises, is just as adept at lying as.

musical, the film is an anthem in praise of tolerance, acceptance, and the possibility of transformation. Wilder borrowed the basic set-up from a french farce, fanfare damour (1935 and a remake, fanfaren der liebe (1951 which he dismissed as a very low-budget, very third-class German picture. Its heroes are joe (Curtis) and Jerry (Lemmon a saxophonist and a bassist who are scraping a living in freezing Chicago when they witness 1929s St Valentines day massacre or a version of that legendary event at least. View image of Sweet sue, desperate to elude the citys most ruthless gangster, Spats Colombo (George raft they disguise themselves as Josephine and Daphne (ive never liked the name geraldine, explains Jerry so that they can hide in a florida hotel for three weeks with. On the southbound sleeper train, they are both smitten by the bands voluptuous ukulele player, sugar Kane (Monroe). She tells joe/Josephine that she is hoping to seduce a millionaire in Florida, so when the band arrives at the seminole-ritz hotel (actually the hotel del Coronado in San diego he switches to another disguise.

It also has a bevy of bathing beauties, a crowd of sinister mafiosi, a glamorous seaside setting in the roaring 20s, and a sizzling selection of songs. Its an anthem in praise of tolerance, acceptance, and the possibility of transformation. Its an anthem that we need to hear now more than ever. It is structured so meticulously that it glides write from moment to moment with the elegance of an Olympic figure skater, and the consummate screwball dialogue, by wilder and ial diamond, is so polished that every line includes either a joke, a double meaning,. To" one character, its a riot of spills, thrills, laughs and games. To" another, it deserves to be the biggest thing since the Graf Zeppelin. So why was it chosen as the best comedy ever made?

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In 1958, tony curtis was at a hollywood party when Billy wilder took him aside. Wilder was planning a film about two musicians who dress up as women to join an all-girl band, and he asked Curtis to play one of the musicians. Curtis was overjoyed, but he wasnt sure why such an illustrious writer-director would want to use him. Youre the handsomest kid in this town, said Wilder. Who else am I going to use? Read more about bbc cultures 100 greatest comedies of all time:, do men and women find different films funny?, what the critics had to say about the top 25, the full list of critics who participated and how they voted, does comedy differ from region. Wilders glittering masterpiece doesnt just use the handsomest kid in town (and a terrific actor, to boot but its warming most radiant sex symbol, marilyn Monroe, and one of its most dexterous comedians, jack lemmon.

Sunset boulevard movie summary
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  3. As well as being a romantic comedy, a buddy movie, a crime caper, and a musical, the film is an anthem in praise of tolerance, acceptance, and the possibility of transformation.

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  6. When young screenwriter joe gillis. A screenwriter is hired to rework a faded silent film star's script, only to find himself developing a dangerous relationship. Directed by barry Primus.

  7. Sunset boulevard (stylized onscreen as sunset blvd.) is a 1950 American film noir directed and co-written by billy wilder, and produced and co-written by Charles was named after the thoroughfare that runs through Los Angeles and beverly hills, california. The film stars William Holden as joe gillis, an unsuccessful screenwriter, and Gloria swanson as Norma desmond, a faded silent. Sunset boulevard is a musical with book and lyrics by don Black and Christopher Hampton, and music by Andrew Lloyd sed on Billy wilder's Academy Award-winning 1950 film of the same title, the plot revolves around Norma desmond, a faded star of the silent screen.

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