Short essay on road rage

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short essay on road rage

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Achilles had in himself the power to preserve life and instead of wielding it for good instead used it to gratify his own ego and perceived insults with the blood of Trojans. This behavior is unbecoming of a great hero and is humbled by the excellent example of modest and temperate aeneas who in Vergils. Aeneid would come to wield power reluctantly and always with prudence and a just direction. The psychological flaw of Achilles is in his failure to differentiate between what is in his control and what is outside of his control, a realization central to the philosophy of Stoicism which had come to be the de facto religion of the educated elite. As the Stoic philosopher Epictetus said in aphorism i of the. Enchiridion some things are in our control and others not. Things in our control are opinion, pursuit, desire, aversion, and, in a word, whatever are our own actions.

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The reaction from Achilles was immediate, the son of postnatal Peleus was furious, and his heart within his shaggy breast was divided whether to draw his sword, push the others aside, and kill the son of Atreus, or to restrain himself and check his anger. Achilles and his myrmidons, the only force capable of defeating the Trojan prince hector and his host, would stubbornly refuse to fight in order to spite the king. Achilles spent the next months brooding with fury in his beachside command tent accompanied by his dear friend Patroclus as the Greeks were pushed further and further from the walls of Troy and to the brink of destruction by the seemingly unstoppable hector. When it became clear that Hectors forces would soon completely overrun the Greek beachhead and burn the landing ships, leaving the hellenes stranded, surrounded by enemy and cut off from supply, achilles still refused to flinch and allowed his countrymen to be slaughtered rather than. Instead of meeting the responsibilities which accompanied his demigodhood Achilles was content instead to remain idle, even after in book ix agamemnon pleaded to surrender all of his prizes if just the warrior would return to the field. Nor would even the grave concerns of Ajax, Odysseus and Phoenix, Achilles very dear friends and champions of the Greek federation in their own right, would sway the proud Achilles to action who exclaimed he would be appeased neither by Agamemnon son of Atreus nor. Achilles only responded after Patroclus, in an effort to inspire the demoralized Greeks and rout the advancing Trojans, donned the armor of Achilles and charged forth against Hector, who slew him outright. Achilles now channeled his rage away from Agamemnon who he perceived as betraying him and displaced it on Hector, joining the fight against the Trojans in a blind rage. Achilles final decision to rejoin the Greek campaign was not out of a sense of duty or love for his fellow countrymen but rather served as a device for vengeance and release of bloodlust. Rather than temper the initial embarrassment of Agamemnon incurred during the loss of his prize woman, aiding in the final push on Troy and ending the campaign without undue bloodshed, the selfish Achilles resorted to negligent and reckless behavior, allowing his countrymen, who had done.

It is the intemperance of story the man, famously referred to as the rage of Achilles, which is perhaps his tragic flaw, a failing which resulted in the unnecessary deaths of untold scores of Greeks and Trojans and nearly spelled complete destruction for the Greek fleet. Driven by his ill-tempered thirst for glory and prizewinning, Achilles is unable to control himself in the face of humiliation and defeat. It is this character flaw which makes the son of Peleus an unacceptable role model. We begin the, iiad with Achilles already in a rage as victory in the Trojan War, the epic confrontation between Ilium and Hellas sprung from the Trojan abduction of Helen of Troy from her lawful Greek husband Menelaus, looms overhead, the Greeks having finally sacked. In the looting of the town the Greek king Agamemnon had claimed Chryseis as a war prize while Achilles claimed Briseis. The father of Chryseis, a man by the name of Chryses who was a priest of Apollo, having pleaded for his daughters return and having been rebuffed by Agamemnon soon called upon his god for aid who unleashed a series of plagues on the Greek. While Agamemnon stubbornly refused to return the girl, Achilles called forth a council of the Greek officers to come to a solution in hopes of relieving the fleet from the wrath of Apollo. Agamemnon opted to return Chryseis but also demanded Achilles surrender Briseis and in doing so dishonored him publicly and stole his glory.

short essay on road rage

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Dont forget, a move is incorrect if: Any row contains more than one of the same number from 1. Any column contains more than one of the same number from 1. Any 33 grid contains more than one of the same number from 1. I apologize for the awkward citations in this essay, mla just didnt jive with such heavy usage of online text research. The Achilles of ancient Greek legend is often counted among the greatest of epic heroes for his fantastical exploits during the Trojan War as depicted by homer in the. While it is easy to become seduced by the power and might of invincible Achilles we must remember to not confuse unchecked power with heroism. While Achilles is indeed powerful, a master warrior by all qualifications, he fails as a hero to be imitated or idolized due to his lack of restraint, his barbarity, his lack of a code of conduct, his impiety and his dishonorable behavior. Achilles wields great courage and fortitude but he is also is critically deficient in the other (perhaps more important) cornerstones of the epic hero: temperance, prudence and a sense of justice or magnanimity.

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short essay on road rage

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Virginia woolf: Private and Public Negotiations. a b Snaith, Anna. "Three guineas The literary Encyclopedia. "Caterpillars of the commonwealth Unite!" Scrutiny (Sept 1938 208 a b Jill Liddington. The long road meeting to Greenham : Feminism and Anti-militarism in Britain since 1820, london, virago, 1989 isbn (pp.

Theodore dalrymple (Summer 2002). "The rage of Virginia woolf". Retrieved b c d Elizabeth Shih, "When woolf goes Missing (From Herself The surfeit of Short Articles on Virginia woolf's Life and Work". Virginia woolf Miscellany, number 62, Spring 2003, (pp. The goal of Sudoku is to fill in a 99 grid with digits so that each column, row, and 33 section contain the numbers between 1. At the beginning of the game, the 99 grid will have some of the squares filled. Your job is to use logic to fill in the missing short digits and complete the grid.

Theo bosanquet, who has a review copy, read her extracts. And she thinks it may have a great effect, and signs herself my grateful outsider." 2 :93 Recent responses edit The views expressed in Three guineas have been described as feminist, pacifist, anti-fascist, and anti-imperialist. 7 Feminist historian Jill Liddington has praised Three guineas as "an eloquent and impish attack on patriarchal structures notes how the book puts forward the argument that "men's power under patriarchy dovetails with militarism and claims " Three guineas offers an important bridge between the. 7 In 2002, city journal published a critique of Three guineas by the conservative essayist Theodore dalrymple, "The rage of Virginia woolf" (later reprinted in Dalrymple's anthology, our Culture, what's Left of It in which Dalrymple contended that the book is "a locus classicus. 8 In response, woolf scholar Elizabeth Shih defended Three guineas and claimed Dalrymple's article was full of " ad hominem moments".

9 Shih argued that Dalrymple "obtusely and consistently misreads woolf's hyperbole interpreting literally woolf's comments about burning male-dominated colleges, and woolf's likening women using their sexuality to control men to prostitution. 9 Shih also criticised Dalrymple's attacks on woolf's anti-militarism and her calls for working-class education. 9 Shih suggested Dalrymple's objection to Three guineas was due to his opposition to woolf's "politicization of the private lives of women". 9 footnotes edit for an account of the development of Three guineas see jean guiguet, virginia woolf and her Works (London: Hogarth, 1965). a b woolf, virginia. A writer's diary: being Extracts from the diary of Virginia woolf (London: Hogarth, 1959) a b c d e f woolf, virginia. (New York: Harvest, 1966) Snaith, Anna.

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She and her husband leonard had visited both nazi germany and Fascist Italy in the early part of metamorphosis the decade. 5 The ideology of fascism was an affront to woolf's conviction in pacifism as well as feminism: nazi philosophy, for example, supported the removal of women from public life. Reception edit contemporary responses edit. Leavis (literary critic) wrote a scathing critique of Three guineas shortly after its publication in 1938. She denounces the essay because it is only concerned with 'the daughters of educated men seeing woolf's criticisms as irrelevant to most women because her wealth and aristocratic ancestry means she is 'insulated by class'. 6 Elsewhere Three guineas was better received. Woolf reports a favorable response in her diary of "I am pleased this morning because lady Rhonda writes that she is profoundly excited and moved by Three guineas.

short essay on road rage

The question and answer format creates a sense of dialogue and debate on the politically charged issues the essay tackles, rather than just presenting simple polemical diatribes on each topic. The principle of dialogue is one that informs much of woolf's work, and is also seen in her novels when she gives voice to painter different classes and marginalised groups in society through a diversity of characterisations. 4 For example, the sky-writing scene in Mrs. Dalloway includes characters with a variety of class-influenced dialects. The " guineas " of the book's title are themselves a badge of social class, the money amount of 21 shillings (1.05 pounds sterling) for which no coin any longer existed, but the common denomination for solely upper-class transactions (e.g., purchase of pictures or race-horses. 5 we listen in on woolf's suggestions to a barrister on how to prevent war, to a women's league on how to support females in the professions, and to a women's college on how to encourage female scholarship. It is interesting to note that all three sources have written to woolf asking for financial donations. What she donates, though, is her advice and philosophy. Woolf was eager to tie the issues of war and feminism together in what she saw as a crucial point in history.

drawn from the good livers as well as from the good thinkers." 3 :34, in the final section, woolf returns from the topics of education and the professions to the larger questions of preventing war and the practical measure suggested for. In it she argues that although she agrees with her interlocutor that war is evil, they must attempt to eradicate it in different ways. "And since we are different woolf concludes, "our help must be different." 3 :143 Thus, the value of woolf's opinion (and help) on how to prevent war lies in its radical difference from the ways of men. Its impossibility of being completely understood is, then, the condition of its usefulness. Woolf wrote the essay to answer three questions, each from a different society: From an anti-war society: "How should war be prevented?". From a women's college building fund: "Why does the government not support education for women?" (Actually, the fund was a metaphor for family private funds to send the "boys of the family" to college and not the women.). From a society promoting employment of professional women: "Why are women not allowed to engage in professional work?". The book is composed of woolf's responses to a series of letters.

War was looming in 19367 and the question was particularly pressing to woolf, a committed pacifist. 2, in the gentleman's letter (he is never named he asks woolf her opinion about how best to prevent war and offers some practical steps. Woolf opens her response by stating first, and with some slight hyperbole, that this is "a remarkable letter—a letter perhaps unique in the history of human correspondence, since when before has an educated man asked a woman how in her opinion war can be prevented.". "Behind us lies vertebrae the patriarchal system; the private house, with it nullity, its immorality, its hypocrisy, its servility. Before us lies the public world, the professional system, with its possessiveness, its jealousy, its pugnacity, its greed." 3 :74, in the course of responding to the educated man's questions and practical suggestions, woolf turns to two other letters: a request for funds to help. Both allow woolf to articulate her criticisms of the structure of education and the professions, which mostly involves showing how they encourage the very attitudes that lead to fascism both at home and abroad. 3 :81 woolf does not refuse the values of education and public service outright but suggests conditions which the daughters of educated men will need to heed if they are to prevent being corrupted by the public order.

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Three guineas is a book-length essay by, virginia woolf, published in June 1938. Although, three guineas is a work of non-fiction, it was initially conceived as a "novelessay" which would tie up the loose ends left in her earlier work, a room of One's Own. 1, the book was to alternate between fictive narrative chapters and non-fiction essay chapters, demonstrating woolf's views on war and women in both types of writing at once. This unfinished manuscript was published in 1937. When woolf realised the idea of a "novelessay" wasn't working, she separated the two parts. The non-fiction portion became. The fiction portion became woolf's most popular novel during her lifetime, the years, which charts social change from 1880 to the time of publication through the lives of the pargiter family. It was so popular, in fact, that pocket-sized editions of the novel were published for soldiers as leisure reading during. Structure and overview edit, the entire essay is structured as a response to an educated gentleman who has written a letter asking woolf to join his efforts to help prevent war.

Short essay on road rage
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  1. Mac McClelland March/April 2012 Issue. I apologize for the awkward citations in this essay, mla just didnt jive with such heavy usage of online text research. The Achilles of ancient Greek legend is often counted among the greatest of epic heroes for his fantastical exploits during the Trojan War as depicted by homer in the Iliad. A collection of articles about Reporting from The new Yorker, including news, in-depth reporting, commentary, and analysis.

  2. M makes studying easier! Although Three guineas is a work of non-fiction, it was initially conceived as a "novelessay" which would tie up the loose ends left in her earlier work, a room of One's Own. I was a warehouse wage Slave my brief, backbreaking, rage-inducing, low-paying, dildo-packing time inside the online-shipping machine.

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