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You could also consider negating out irrelevant question phrases, such as: Who lives in the bahamas? What time is it in the bahamas? Stronger intent This might be the most important difference of them all, since natural language shows intent more strongly. If I were to do a search for digital camera, youd have no idea whether I wanted to buy one, have one repaired, or was simply looking for stock images of cameras. While we digital marketers think we can draw some conclusions based on these words, we actually have no idea if this searcher wants to buy or is doing research. Heres where the natural language usage within conversational search changes everything.

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Question words voice search differs from text search in the usage of question phrases. When you type a search, you use computer language — bahamas vacation deals, for example. When you speak a search, you use your own language, such as Who has the best deals on Bahamas summary vacation packages? Just like in our Microsoft ceo. Who is the ceo of Microsoft? Weve seen a growth in question phrases year over writing year: take action: Try adding some relevant question keyword phrases to your keyword list as a test. For example, for a company that sold vacations in the bahamas, some relevant ones could be: What is the cost for air fare to bahamas? How much does it cost to fly to the bahamas? Where can I find Bahamas vacation info? Whats the best Bahamas vacation package? When is the best time to travel to the bahamas?

This was a little unexpected. I thought the query length for voice searches would be significantly longer than for text-based searches. But again, weve just started learning how to use voice search. We ran these tests 10 months ago, and i expect a follow-up would show longer query length for speech. The younger generation — like my son — are more comfortable using natural language. Heres a great example the brilliant Tom Anthony shared at smx munich this March of voice searches his daughter had done: Notice the degree of self-selection and specificity. Were all going to be trained to search like this one day. Take action: Most likely youre already targeting 12 word keywords, such as Bahamas Bahamas air report fare bahamas vacation Bahamas vacation packages Bahamas travel Pro tip: Test out adding longer, more voice-friendly keywords such as: Cost for air fare to bahamas Bahamas vacation info best Bahamas.

better book reports

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Query length The first thing we think about is management query length, right? They must be different. We pulled data for query length for Cortana searches and compared that with query length for general text searches. Not surprisingly, query length for text searches is pretty short, about 2 words. Were using computer language its not driver a sentence, its the most direct route to express our intent. Then we looked at query length for voice search. What you can see is that the successful voice searches, the ones that get the most volume, impressions and clicks, are the ones with 3 words in the keyword or query.

Im very interested in getting another look at this data in a few months, when were one year out from the launch of Cortana on the desktop, making voice search super accessible around the world. Where it impacts us digital advertisers is how this relates to searches. We all know that voice searches have results in serps. Interestingly, a voice search query can sometimes indirectly lead to a serp with ads being served as well. Are your ads showing up as a result of a voice search query? This is the reason we need to pay attention. How voice search differs from text and what you can do about it okay, weve seen that voice is here to stay and it keeps growing, so lets explore the five most important ways voice and text search differ.

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better book reports

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It just so happens that at Microsoft we have one of these — with Windows 10 launching this past summer with Cortana. Thus, i bring you amazing (imho) data on what people are using Cortana for. As a slightly humorous aside: Cortanas top search is Who nitrogen is Bill Gates? I think its because people are expecting a jokey answer. Early news articles about Cortana really enjoyed the fact that she answered the question, Whos your daddy? With a witty response about Bill Gates. We like funny and witty, dont we?

So we ask the question Who is Bill Gates? Expecting her to say hes my daddy. But thats not how Cortana plays the game! Heres how she answers the question: How voice search is growing One-third of all Cortana queries come from voice. We cannot measure which irish queries coming into a search engine are coming from text input and which are coming from voice input. But we can measure what queries via cortana are happening from text and which from voice — because cortana is part of the windows 10 operating system. This data was pulled in november, just three months after Windows 10 launched, and already 33 of queries are coming from voice.

Behzadi shared that google has seen the ratio of voice search growing much faster than text search. He attributed that in part to the fact that people are increasingly comfortable using speech commands, and also because of the quality of results. Today, googles speech recognition error rate is only 8, down from 25 just two short years ago. As a result, theyve seen people use more natural sentences instead of query language, such. Whats the weather like in Paris? What are we using voice search for?

This is the big question — what are we using it for? This graph shows the general use of voice search, from. Northstar Mobile voice study. Why do you think so many people are asking for directions? Are we all lost? Maybe we need an assistant to help us out in life. Which brings us to googles prediction for the future of search. In his talk, behzadi said they believed the future of search was "an ultimate mobile assistant that helps you with your daily life so you can focus on the things that matter." Interesting and quite possibly true.

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In one of the very few thesis studies published on the topic, thrive analytics showed a compelling number of people using digital personal assistants: Wed expect the high volume of 18 to 43 year olds, since statistically they fall into the early adopters bucket. But to me, the higher usage numbers for 44 age ranges were pretty surprising. Perhaps it could have something to do with usability? Tiny screens and even tinier buttons can be difficult to navigate — voice search is easier. The Thrive analytics study was from late 2014 and, given the speed at which this technology is advancing, the adoption numbers have grown dramatically. It appears were all feeling less silly talking into our phones and are rushing to embrace the convenience of these digital personal assistants. According to a survey conducted in October 2015 by mindMeld, most folks only just started using voice search and voice commands within the 6 months prior to when the survey was conducted. Recently at smx west, googles Director of Conversational search Behshad Behzadi presented a keynote on how google is approaching voice search.

better book reports

When I say "voice search" Im referring to your smartphone or desktop computer that has a digital personal assistant or an entry point that uses voice, like googles microphone or Amazons Echo. In most cases, if youre using a personal assistant and activating with your voice, youre doing some kind of voice search. And that is the element of voice command Ill be referring. Ill cover the three big questions: Whos actually using voice search? How is it different from text input? What can homework you do to prepare for these differences? Whos using voice search? Most of us reading this article are likely to be regular users of digital personal assistants.

term applied to any app where people are conversing, from email to chat to sms. Slack, too, has written about conversational offices where computer systems — such as expense reporting software — are made more convenient and user-friendly via an interface we can talk. All those times youve wished for a better way to understand intent and personalize more effectively? Natural language could be the key. Voice-activated technology is going to switch things up for us marketers, in many beneficial ways. Thats what Im going to cover here. Specifically, i want to dig into voice search. What do i mean by voice search?

But first, heres a question for you. If you wanted to find out who microsofts current ceo is, what would you search for. A) you were on your computer and typed in your search phrase? Or b) you were talking into your phone using a digital personal assistant such as Siri or Cortana? If youre like the vast majority of folks today, your answer would be a shorter phrase like microsoft ceo for the former. For the latter question, youd have been far more likely to have used natural language such as Who is the ceo of Microsoft? Without even being conscious of the fact, youve altered your search behavior for voice. We metamorphosis all.

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Apple park, cupertino, california, to date, weve committed.5 billion in clean energy and energy efficiency projects like our filsafat biogas fuel cell installation in maiden, north Carolina. Our supplier Ibiden has one of the largest floating solar projects in the world. In our Reliability testing Lab, one of the tests uses a weighted pendulum that simulates a swinging arm hitting Apple watch against a hard object. Plastic liners from films that protect iPhone are recycled into trays for use in a later phase of production. In 2017, our. Product packaging used on average 29 less plastic than in 2016. Estimated read time: 13 minutes, disappointingly, this isnt one of those doom-and-gloom articles proclaiming that seo/ppc is dead. Instead, well look at how voice search will shake things up for us digital marketers and examine all the wonderful things that can come from.

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